Multi Pasta Line, if it’s lasagna, manicotti, lasagna sheets...these lines are capable of  producing a variety of products, from un-sauced filled pasta to complete tray dinners.

Pre-Cook Line, of short goods pasta, lasagna sheets and nested noodles specifically designed for skillet meals.

Sauce Pellet Line, state of the art equipment to produce high quality consistent size pellets.

Pouch Line, capable of blending multiple ingredients using combination scales at high speeds and exact tolerances into attractive stand up pouches in a variety of sizes and style..

Italia Foods, Inc. is a USDA

inspected facility and HACCP

SQF certified.  We are audited

through out the year by third

party auditors.  We subscribe

to good manufacturing



Ravioli, high volume equipment that translates to attractive costing to our customers.  Raw and Pre-cooked.

Cartoning Line,  high speed line for products that require chip board cartons.

Cryogenics, we utilize the latest in cryogenic freezing technology.  Most of our products are frozen within 2 minutes, guaranteeing that just made taste with a long shelf life.

the rapidly growing category of IQF frozen meal kits, skillet dinners and frozen IQF components of pasta, sauce pellets, sauce pucks, frozen pasta dinners…all custom manufacturing processing frozen or IQF dinners, ready meals and meal solutions.  Available also in organic, all natural, lactose free, gluten free, dairy free, antibiotic, hormone free and  IQF dairy free sauces.  Custom packer for co-packing -  copacking private label frozen IQF skillet meals for industrial components, retail, club stores and foodservice.  So whether it’s frozen skillet meals, sauce pucks, pellets, cubes, we here at Italia Foods have solution for very low cost toll charge.  Your one stop for all your copacker, co-packer needs in a USDA facility specializing in high speed bagging in quad seal, quad crease, doy standup, gusset -,gusseted, box style  pouches and bags and tray carton frozen ready meals.   Your custom food manufacturers, SQF, packer, packaging, meal kit, kits

Our fully automated form - fill - seal line can produce a variety of bag / pouch styles to match your specific marketing needs.  From a standard pillow pack to an elegant corner seal pouch that utilizes all four sides with uninterrupted space for your copy.

Our automatic high speed multiple component blending system can accurately measure components to each unit adding to efficiencies and consistencies in every sell unit.